“Join clubs, meetups” fresher educates mates, staylites on how to be a perfect student

A 100 level student of Osun State University; Eniolami David has shared some tips with Colleagues and staylites on how to be a perfect student. Read below:


Being perfect has different meanings for different individuals. You can choose to create your own definition and follow the path to perfection while setting your own goals. Nevertheless, do not be hard on yourself if you are not able to reach perfection; you will always achieve success if you put your mind on it. The following will help you to become the perfect student you dream of🙂:

1.Be part of the class:-

🙂Do not isolate yourself from your classmates, you are now part of them. Introduce yourself to your classmates, professors and other influential people. You could exchange numbers, if possible. Arriving earlier to class will not be a bad idea, in order to network with others before the lectures begin🧏‍♂️.

2.Join clubs and meetups:-

🙂 Joining clubs and meetups will help you to find interesting skills and improve on your existing ones. You also have the potential for leadership positions and influencing others with your talents🤌🏻.

3. Do extra:-

🤌🏻You can volunteer to lead a group or do some assignments for free. This is another avenue to sharpen your leadership skills and acquire more daring ones🙂.

4. Let your whole being be in the class:-

🙂 Ask questions and make relevant contributions in the class. If you did not understand anything in the class, ensure you gain clarity on that🧏‍♂️. This is also an avenue for your professor to get to know you. Make yourself available for others to learn from; be a go-to person who has all the solutions🙂.

5. Focus during lectures:-

🙂 Snap out of any kind of distraction. Pay uninterrupted attention🧏‍♂️. Switch off your phone or turn off the notifications🤌🏻.

6. Do not skip classes:-

🙂 Your classes are the major reasons you are in school🧏‍♂️; every other thing is secondary to that. Do not form the habit of recording lectures and reading materials to catch up with the class🤌🏻. There could be some things you would have learnt and likely questions to ask if you are present in the class. What about assignments and class updates that you may miss out on😩?

7. Take good notes and study at your own pace:-

🙂 Figure out the best way you can learn from taking notes. 🧏‍♂️Writing down everything on the slide will be a waste of time and you may not meet up. Write down the relevant points and expand later. Review your notes as often as possible to get acquainted with the materials🤌🏻. This is a better avenue to do away with cramming, as nothing disappoints more than it🙂.

8. Create a study time:-

🙂Get a good study routine and follow it judiciously. Find out the best time for you to study and make proper use of it. 🧏‍♂️Also, organize yourself in a way that you allot time to all your activities so that they do not clash.

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Happy New Year My People🤝🏻😋, May This Year Bring You Many Opportunities🤲

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