FAHSA president congratulates Dalesh, says another win for Ikire Campus

The President of Faculty of Humanities and Culture, Comrade Ajao in a statement congratulated Dalesh for emerging as Face of Olofofo Uniosun.

He stated, “With great joy and happiness from my heart, this is to congratulate Blessing Damilola(Dalesh) and Oladejo Oluwatoyin Lateefat of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Students Association Ikire Campus, who are winners of the just concluded Face Of Olofofo Uniosun contest and the UNIOSUN Inter-Collegiate Debate Competition respectively. They have made me proud as a Faculty President, as well made FAHSA at large proud and even brought Ikire Campus into Spotlights where we have always being before now, especially since when I emerged as the Faculty Presidents.

We’ve had series of wins and victories in the last few months, won alot of football matches,lots of track, field and indoor games of which we were undisputed champions, especially in the female categories, academic competitions, series of fantastic performances from our Thespians, our unique vibrancy when it comes to student politics, also within our campus,alot of records laid down already.

He added, “Many are wowed and have actually come to me recently , asking what’s going on, what have I used that is making Ikire to win at every competition, I laughed and told them God has my back and has Ikire’s back.Thanks to Him. Big congrats to all FAHSAsites,more wins to come for us. Watch out!”

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