Face of Olofofo Uniosun: “Ghost likes remain invalid votes” – CEO

The CEO of Olofofo Uniosun, Temitayo Olatunde has revealed that the Face of Olofofo Uniosun contest will only observe valid votes.

According to him, “We discovered at the initial stage of the contest that some contestants started buying likes via bot or whatever means they must have used.

This is against the principle of our brand and the Instagram policies. When we checked, we saw fake accounts that liked the page. In order to ensure fairness, we will access the votes and only recognize contestant with highest real likes (votes). So right now, I don’t know the winner yet until we are done accessing the votes. It’s not about highest likes, it’s all about highest valid likes”

The CEO added that Olofofo Uniosun partnered with 16 brands that will gift the winner prize worth N100,000.

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