“I know what it takes to lose”, Faculty president reveals why he cried uncontrollably

The president of Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Comrade Ajao wept profusely yesterday in Osogbo Campus.

Ajao wept after his male football team lost to Ipetu campus team. In a session with Olofofo Uniosun, the faculty president revealed why he could not stop crying.

He said, “Firstly, I will say this competition wasn’t meant for my boys, if it was we’d definitely be the winner, no matter what!, but then its painful that the team had really put so much effort, pain, and time to ensuring that we win, even with the fact that the competition came in a very short notice, we still tried our best, even myself as the Faculty President, I know what it takes to loose, knowing fully well you are fit and the squad is ready for the win and especially when you had many chances of winning that particular match that we lost against Ipetu Campus (Congrats sister campus), but you couldn’t just grab it.

Personally, I was pained because I couldn’t behold the team falling out of the competition like that, they are fantastic players who have really devoted a lot, I can’t bare seeing them feel like a looser, which of course they are not anyway, i was always by them , standing by them and I saw how much effort they put into the game, but then it is what it is!

He added, “Although, we’ve had many wins so far in this competition, and I’m proud to say real sportsmanship lives in Faculty of Arts and Humanities, also i will take this opportunity to shout out to the Ikire Male Team, no team ever can be like you guys, i love the spirit, let’s not let pull ourselves down, rather let pull up and thrive more, we are in this together, more wins for us.

Thank God my female team are now straight to the finals, i guess this popular saying has shown itself here, “what a man can do, a woman can do better” lol, you are doing well Ikire babes, let’s go for the win, let’s make Ikire proud, let’s make the Faculty of Arts and Humanities proud, we have seen some mistakes and important things the male team were lagging behind in, let’s ensure we don’t loose guard in these areas, and i know by God’s grace we are having this!
Best of luck to those left in the game!”

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