UNIOSUN lecturer writes open letter to prospective Vice Chancellor

A lecturer, Mr Benjamin Temidayo in Osun State University has taken to social media to pen an open letter to prospective Vice Chancellor of Osun State University. Read below:


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am, simply, Adebisi Benjamin Temidayo of the Department of Anatomy. I, must say, sincerely, do have a nostalgic feeling, as to what my dispositions should be on your prospective New Position of this Great Citadel of Learning.

However, if my appointment has not be terminated before your assumption of duties, you can be sure, you already, have a foster Son, my humble self, who will call you Daddy or perhaps, Mummsy; in anyway, I am not appealing to you to save my job, it’s certain that I will be okay in whatever situation, I find myself at anytime.

Firstly, it’s exact, we all know that, with the prerequisites for the qualifications advertised, for the New Position, we are having nothing less than an Erudite Scholar and Seasoned Administrator, who has all capabilities to turn things around for good in The Great Uniosun.

Well, I have a Reputation, as a Cassandra and a Prophet of Doom, this is not to scare you really, because my projections would have been avoided, if I had been taken seriously, all the while.

Moreover, my Academic and Professional records show, I have a Personality, of an Individual, who should be respected, but unfortunately, contempt and disparaging innuendos from Colleagues and Staff of the University, will never see me as someone to be feared and I am always ready to prove myself, as ‘The Guy’s, who nobody can be impudent to.

Now, straight to the point, THERE ARE SCORES TO SETTLE, as you should know that you’re about to occupy the Position of Almighty God, Who, all positions were made by Him and for Him, the Almighty Allah, SUBHANAHU WA TA’ALA , The Owner of All Knowledge, Who is acquainted with all things, The LA HAWLA WALA QUWWATA ILLA BILLAH; it’s very imperative that you should never downplay His involvement in your Administrative Strategies in handling matters of the School.

At Uniosun, we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness, in high places, thus, erudition, administrative proficiencies and academic qualifications aren’t the instruments to combat our problems.

I have traveled round the world, all appreciation to the outgoing Vice Chancellor, Professor Labode Popoola, who, against all odds, opened the gates to my International exploits; consequently, there’s one thing I can say and it is that, we have all it takes in Osun State University, Nigeria to be the Best in the World.

We have Scholars and Researchers, with International repute, who could take this University to places, if given the opportunity, but have been faced with intimidation and oppression, no thanks to the Representatives of the Agency of Darkness, dispatched to oversee the Spiritual affairs of the University.

It’s imperative for you to know that the presence of these folks will frustrate whatever good intentions you have to move the school forward.

As a matter of fact, the presence of these individuals on the payroll of the University, will keep us going round and round, in rigmarole.

In whatever way, you need to trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding, in all your ways, you need to acknowledge him and the Lord will direct your path.

I never joined issues to battle the present Vice Chancellor, not because he is a Saint or what he did for me, but I had pledged my loyalty to him because I have seen the damage, caused by fellows in my immediate surroundings, will frustrate any Saviour, that ever intend to salvage the Institution from the shackles of darkness, which, we have found ourselves.

In furtherance, I really wouldn’t expect an Academic of such Position, you are about to occupy, to be after mismanagement or embezzlement of public funds or trivial materialism, howbeit, transparency should be your watchword, Professor, and you need to be ready to step on toes or even faces, of those who will inadvertently, be unhappy, by your supposed just administration.

We need, as indicated, in one of the requirements of the New Position, to build humanity, emotional intelligence and learn how to bring workers in unison, in order to build a bulwark against any form of unprecedented antagonism, from within and without, the School.

You could also, kindly, look into the cases of dismissed and suspended members of staff, if peradventure, there’s any to do, if they are truly vindicated; plus, you need to initiate interest in the psychological and social well-being of your staff members, as I have learned in Harvard University and several European countries.

More to that, It’s very important to give everyone a chance.

If you could synchronize the Cell, which is the unit of all living organisms, you will understand that not a single part or member of the Institution, talk of, students, support staff, security or environmental maintainance team should ever to treated as persona non grata.

Also, the Social and Educational activities should be intensified and reignited to full capacities and functionalities, to engage our students, in order to take off their minds from misdemeanors, which the present day Nigerian youths are, rather, infamous for.

Conclusively, there’s an opportunity for you, sir/ma, to rewrite the History of this Great Citadel of Learning, if you wish, and like I say, I am a Prophet, who has, coincidentally, not missed a single projection since my assumption of duty.

Righteousness exalts a Nation/Institution but sin is a reproach to every people.

I hope this finds you well.

My humble summit and regards.

Young Benjy.

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