How to make 30k per week without capital (UNIOSUN Ladies Only)

A great number of UNIOSUN students are having issue of earning income while they are studying and issue of catering for some needs. School fee is not the only expense we face as students, sometimes, we need personal income to cater for other needs. Especially we girls, we have a lot of things to spend money on but the allowance from our parents are not enough.

I was able to move passed the stage of struggling for money to buy affordable things for myself because I am now a representative of Skin Care by Oluphemy. When I wanted to start the business, I had no capital, in fact, no kobo to start but I was able to start the business without any capital. Ask me how?


Skin Care by Oluphemy in Nigeria and headquartered in United Kingdom is empowering Nigerian students with their business. As long as you are a student, you are eligible to become a representative. All you need to do is to find buyer for any of their product and receive 10% off the sale. With that, you can make about 30k in a week.

To become a representative, fill the form below:

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