Peacelens to unveil first brand entertainment magazine

CEO Peacelens in an interview with Olofofo Uniosun correspondent, Ojo Oluwabusayo Eunice revealed that his brand is about to launch an entertainment magazine “SightJet”.

Kindly introduce yourself?

I’m Oyejobi Peace, CEO peacelens media, a 400 Level student of English & int’l studies, Osun State University.

What brought you into photography?

I got into photography as a result of my quest to have something of my own.
Getting into photography, I realised it completes me in numerous ways, and then it became more than just a business or career. It became my passion.
I have been into photography for the past 3 years, though the journey has not been perfectly smooth from the start, but consistency and God factor has been the driving force.

Who inspired the choice?

Nobody, i just love that line of job.

How has it been so far and how do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

I bless God. It’s been amazing. There are different platforms which as been available and i have made use of personally, both online and physical classes. Growth has been consistent and impressive.

What is your photographic style, and how did you develop it?

I love my work simple, professional and appealing. I developed this mindset through numerous works of photographers I admire. And i have been putting this in to practice for a while now.

What kind of photography do you do most?

I’m basically a portrait and event photographer.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

Yes, a Magazine project.

Tell us more about the project.

It’s an entertainment magazine, mainly for entertainment. It is also a platform where writers, content creators and creatives could find their footing and get there works published with total credit to them.

What is the main aim of the project?

The main aim of the project is to create a brand, a media platform where works of creatives would be showcased, and readers would be entertained and educated.

Sight deals with vision makes you see. Jet deals with flight makes move around within your limit and beyond. That’s the meaning of SightJet. So sightjet – makes you see within your limit and beyond, makes you explore around more than your immediate surroundings…

Sightjet is not a platform to break news of tragic happenings and burdensome stories. It is a platform to let go of worries and be glued to entertainment.

When would the first edition be out?

The first edition is targeted to be the ending of January.

Is it just for Uniosun?

No, this goes beyond Uniosun. It is a platform set to create a new wave in the entertainment industry.

Can people place advert and sponsor?
Yes, Brand and businesses can place advert on this magazine to reach out to a bigger audience. And the project is also opened to sponsorship for brands and personalities. To guest write on this project, individual can reach out to us for content approval and publication.

Do you travel for business?
Yes, I am available to travel.

How can people contact you?
IG – peacelens_ng
WhatsApp – 08135610367

Any message for your clients?
Thank you so much.

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