UNIOSUN introduces official email address for students

Osun State University has introduced official university e-mail address for its students.

Olofofo Uniosun contacted the Public Relations Officer of the University to confirm the authenticity of the message that the students have received.

According to the Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ademola Adesoji, he said the link sent to students is real.

“Official email address for students is a new development. The link that was sent to students is real. Students are required to follow the guidelines”- Mr. Ademola said.

Meanwhile, Olofofo Uniosun gathered some of the things you must know about the customized email address as outlined below:

1. The link that was sent to you is real. It’s not a fake link.

2. Students official email is in form of name@uniosun.edu.ng.

3. You are required to click the link to confirm your login details.

4. You can use the email to access some academic pages for projects and others.

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