UNIOSUN Guy cries after his identity gets leaked, begs girl he accuses in anonymous message

Anonymous messages have gone wrong in Okuku campus as one guy identified as Yusuf who falsely accused a girl was heard crying in a voice note he released to apologize to the girl involved.

Yusuf’s identity was leaked after posting the anonymous message. He was crying in the voice notes he sent to the group when he was apologizing to the girl.

In the anonymous message, Yusuf alleged that the girl named Kemisola, is a wayward girl, that he has been finding ways to have a way with her.

Olofofo Uniosun investigation revealed that Kemisola is a decent girl and she even belongs to a gospel musical band.
Yusuf in an interview with Olofofo Uniosun, lamented his action, stressing that he was only catching fun.

In the voice note he released, he apologized to the girl, stating that he was just joking, that he did not know it would go viral.

“My name is Yusuf, the girl on that picture named Kemisola is not an Olosho, I was just catching fun. I did not even count it like anything. I did not know it would go viral. I am very very sorry. She is a good girl. She is even a choir in our church and an SU. I am sorry” he said.

In an interview with Kemisola, she told our correspondent that the guy has apologized to her even though that cannot meet up the amount of damage he has done. She said she is happy that God has really fought for her. Kemi however thanked everybody that fought for her.

Download the voice notes of Yusuf below:

Download Voice Note

or listen here

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