Exclusive interview with Omolade Freaky

Kindly introduce yourself

My name is Adeigbe Omolade Aishat. I am a student of Osun State University, Ikire Campus.
I am in 200level, studying English and International Studies.

What do you do?

I dance alot, I twerk and listen to music alot and I also love hanging out as well.

Freaky, freaky, freaky on campus, why are you called Omolade freaky?

The name ‘freaky freaky’ started at my first show as a known celebrity in Ikire Campus and during my performance, I mentioned the word “sho wa freaky?”
I think the statement was new to them so they decided to make it my nickname
Omolade to wa freaky…
The next morning, my classmates started shouting sho wa freaky?
Freaky freaky… Seriously it’s crazy but I had to adapt to the name and the whole hyping generally.

When did you start twerking?

I started on January 6, 2019. As a starter, it was for fun…
But I started it fully at middle of January 2019 as a fresher in osun state University, Ikire Campus.

Did you learn how to twerk or self-taught?

I didn’t learn it from anywhere…I only watch twerk videos and motivational videos and all sorts about ladies twerking. So I decided that I will be a twerker, not to make it fun anymore but to make them realize that it is nt until you wear Skippy or dress naked with g_strings and all before you get followers on Instagram…I want them to know that I can do it without loosing the respect of my womanhood.

What do you have to say about what people think about you?

I think I am not going to say much about what they say about me. They
are just beefing my confidence and achievement so far which I have laboured and faced lot of dating challenges for. I have forseen death and big tranqulities that are daring.
The rumours are normal, they are meant to say that because if am not omolade freaky, I will not be happy about it.
The greatest rumour I ever had that made me give up on dirty rumours was my closest friend in my school talking about me in a very bad way. You would all think she could shoot me at that moment if she had the opportunity to.
Since then, I have seen rumours as a part of success and achievement.

How do you combine academics with social life?

Firstly, social life is hard and interesting.
It is not easy to combine both together because in my campus, entertainment is the main fun in Ikire Campus.
So before a serious student can look over entertainment and face academic, it requires alot of focus and determination.
For me, it hasn’t been easy at all.
Not about dancing but challenges like betrayal, hurts, rumours and intimidation including bullying that affected me alot as a fresher and as a young lady with great ambition.
I only thank God I manage to be where I am today academically coz my mom never let me down. She stands by me and she is the solid backbone for omolade twerks.

What is your vision?

My vision is to be a motivational speaker, full of degrees and academic credentials to support my entertainment life and educational life.
My best aim is to be a great influencer, not a video vixen or a pornstar,
I want to be a role model in lecturing and a bright professor who can change life to what people do not understand.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

I see myself in a place where I fought battles to be successful and conquer enemies to be what I want to be in future. I want to see myself with more confidence than this, with my certificates and win different honorary posts as a degree holder.

Being featured on Olofofo Uniosun website, how do you feel?

Olofofo Uniosun, hmmmm.
I have promised myself that I would be interviewed by Olofofo Uniosun. But people think I am joking but now with prayers.
I am here today in front of everyone and I am happy that Olofofo Uniosun gave me opportunity to express myself to my people and fans. I have been waiting for this day.
Thanks so much Olofofo Uniosun for the opportunity you granted me.

What advice do you have for people during this Covid-19 outbreak?

Covid 19 is a very bad virus, I will advise all my school mates and the whole uniosun to please stay indoors. No freaky freaky party anymore.
They should keep their hands clean and make use of their sanitizers and make sure they go for check up every week till the whole virus is cleared. Let us all listen to instructions and adhere to it.

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