UNIOSUN releases guidance notes on sexual harassment

Osun State University’s core values collectively underscore the importance of treating all people with mutual respect and dignity. Conduct, which constitutes sexual harassment will therefore, be dealt with seriously and, if established, will lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination of appointment or dismissal from the University.

This document applies to all members of the University which includes staff, Students visiting Associates and any other person that has any permanent or temporary employment/ affiliation with the University. Any reference to “member of the University Community” below includes any or all of these groups.

Sexual harassment can be a degrading, embarrassing and traumatic experience. Individuals who experience sexual harassment normally feel threatened, isolated or alone. They often experience increased stress on their studies/job and their performance in their studies or work may decline.

The Council of the University is responsible for ensuring a work and study environment free of all forms of sexual harassment or any other unprofessional conduct which is offensive or unwelcome to staff and students.

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