UNIOSUN organizes sensitization programme on Lassa Fever in Osogbo Campus

Victoria Olayemi, Osogbo Campus Reporter

Osun State University held a sensitization programme on Lassa fever in Osogbo campus.

The sensitization programme was held on Tuesday inside Olagunsoye Oyinlola Auditorium around 10 a.m. The provost of Health Sciences, Dr Alebiosu gave a welcome address.

Dr Olanrewaju S.O who is the Head of Department of Community Medicine, said people perish when they lack knowledge and information is power.

“People perish when they lack knowledge, you need a listening ear and information is power” – he said.

Some of the speakers of the day were Dr Omisore Akinlolu who lectures at the department of community medicine and Mr Olufemi Michael, a graduate from department of community medicine. In attendance also were HOD of Public Health and other academic staff of the institution

The statement made during the programme reads in part; “Lassa fever is caused by a virus that belong to Arenavirus,it was first discovered in Borno state Nigeria,in 1969. It endemic and they are opportune to enter the house through bush burning and this virus affect all ages and both sex. The reservoir of the lassa virus is a rodent of the genus mastomys,transmitted through food or household items contaminated by infected rats urine and feaces.

“The incubation period is 6-12days, animal borne or zoonotic or acute viral illness and this virus is endemic in parts of west Africa but exported cases have also been seen in US, Europe. Signs and symptoms are fever,general weakness and malaise at early stage and facial swelling,low blood pressure and nose bleeding at severe cases.

“It is treated using ribavin and diagnosed using enzyme-linked immunosorbent serologic assay(ELISA), people at risk are; people living in or visit endemic regions and have exposure to the multimammate/community with poor sanitation. Prevention measures are: avoidance of contact with rat, hand washing, trapping, not eating rat, cooking of all foods thoroughly and keep your hostel clean and neat always and we were taught the step in hand washing and if infected person got healed in most cases is not really possible to be infected again and the awareness followed for the set- engineering building-health science.”

Meanwhile, Olofofo Uniosun correspondent who was present at the sensitization programme gathered that the event was followed by a walk to create awareness. The walk was done by Public Health Students of the institution in order to create awareness on Lassa fever to all colleges within Osogbo Campus.

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