Authority breaks silence, vows to move FAHSA forward

Olofofo Uniosun correspondents had exclusive interview with one of FAHSA presidential aspirants, Authority on Monday 10, 2020.


Kindly introduce yourself

I am Cde.(Hon) Durodola Joshua Olaoluwa, politically addressed as Authority I am an astute politician. I am a radical, visionary, innovative and a vibrant Comrade. I am a 300level student of History and international studies. I am vying for the post of the Faculty President of the prestigious College of Humanities and Culture.

Why do you contest for FAHSA president?

I believe that “leadership should be entrusted in the hands of those who are passionate about the course of the people” . Right from my inception on campus, I have had the unbridled desire to serve Humanity to the best of my ability.
The position of the facutly president, is one of the most important position in this campus. Firstly, FAHSA needs a leader who is ready to serve them relentlessly, and also my people need a leader (Authority) that will listen to their plights, opinions and challenges. I see myself as the number one servant in this faculty, the man that can channel all the plights of Ikire campus students and appropriately settle our desires and complaints. I see myself as the man fit to enforce and ensure the rise of Student’s voice and attain a United FAHSA, indeed. Undoubtedly, I’m capable and dedicated to moving FAHSA forward.

Contesting with the same person for the second time, how do you feel?

I must be sincere, it’s a great feeling. It is an indication to the fact that the interest of FAHSAsites is paramount to me. Everyone has the right to contest for any position at the faculty level as long as he or she fulfils the demands of the constitution. I regard him as a friend yet my opposing candidate, before and after election we are friends and will still be one after the election. I do not see him as a long time rival, but as a contestant just like me but with different realistic vision and mission.
In the words of Zig Ziglar, he opined that “If a dream is not worth dying for, then it’s not worth living for”. As leaders that we are, we are not expected to give up on our dreams.

What did you learn from the previous election?

Thank you very much for that question. There was a lot of lessons embedded in the last election. Of course, as human, if we want to develop, we learn everyday and we correct or adjust any of human shortcomings. Few of the things I learnt from the previous election were doggedness, how to stand firm by my decisions.
Previous election experiences have been learnt and I believe I have put in place the right medium to get FAHSA moving once again, and me contesting again shows that I believe I have something great to offer FAHSA.

Why do you believe you are fit for this position?

The voice of the FAHSAsites do not lie, I have a dream, they all supported me and my dream. Of course, as a product of humanity, and engineered by my vision and mission, with the previous political experiences in FAHSA, I see myself as the right person to move the faculty to a new whole level of governance which will encompass every students of this faculty.

What special thing do you think you can do for the students?

I am going there to serve as a voice of the FAHSAsites, to table their needs, their deprived rights and to promote the spirit of Student unionism together with the adequate provision of students welfarism and so on.
Once again, if elected, I will base my government on fasha’s interest and needs and it will function as the voice of the FAHSAsites.

Can you risk your studentship for activism?

Please permit me to sing.
“Aluta meta lawa yo se
Aluta meta lawa yo se…
Ka tun le won le re… ”

Activism involves three major steps.
Confrontation.(ka tun le won le re).

If elected, my administration will try as much as possible to follow these steps strictly. Of course, through this medium, we will be able to influence the school management decisions with tacts, intelligence and confrontation.

It’s my desire to fight for my people (FAHSAsites) which I’ll by God’s grace if elected as the president of this faculty.

In a situation where a student faints in an examination hall, what will you do?

The life of a FAHSAsite is as important as the life of everybody. My administration will try as much as possible to cater for the needs of every FAHSASITE, with none exclusive.

As the President of this faculty, I’ll try as much as possible to ensure that the clinic ambulance is parked at a strategic point especially during exams period, so as to cater for the emergency health issues of any students. And if the ambulance was not there at that particular time, my duty is to find means to get the person to the clinic as fast as possible.

Come to think of it, if I was the one writing the examination, would I still have continued with the examination? No.

What other things do you have to say?

How I wish this discussion, couldn’t end.
It is on this note that I want to borrow the words of Abraham Lincoln that said “My great concern is not whether we fail but whether we are contended with our failure”.
I, Durodola Joshua Olaoluwa (Authority) hereby seek your support and vote to contribute to the Progressiveness of FAHSA.

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