Why Cicero or Authority may not become FAHSA president

The cloud is heavily pregnant in Ikire Campus as students set to elect their new sets of leaders this week.

According to Christian Nestell Bovee, ‘Political aspirants make too much of the people before election, and, if successful, too much of themselves after it. They use the people when they want to rise, as we treat a spirited horse when we want to mount him;–for a time we pat the animal upon the neck, and speak him softly; but once in the saddle, then come the whip and spur’

Politicking fills the air in Osun State University, Faculty of Humanities,Ikire Campus.

Two Candidates will be going head-to-head during this upcoming election and they are Adesina Abdulhameed popularly known as Cicero and Durodola Joshua popularly known as Authority from the Department of Linguistics and Communication Studies(LINCSSA) and Department of History and International Studies( HISSA) respectively. These two ‘lion’ candidates both contested for the post of the PRO 1 of the faculty which Cicero won by a very narrow margin.

One of the circumstances that surrounded the election then was the fact that Authority was not given an official full support by his department based on an underground decision his department made which he didn’t follow. The interesting part now is that he is contesting with the full force support of his department,now will Cicero be able to overpower Authority once again despite this?

Politics is definitely a game of numbers, LINCSSA surely has more students than HISSA. The school system has also given LINCSSA a juicy edge over their counterparts as the new courses of Yoruba, Tourism and Philosophy have been entrusted under their care and supervision. In addition, LINCSSA has also been able to marry the largest department on campus which is English department on the negotiation table which translates to both departments solidly behind Cicero. Despite this, Authority doesn’t feel a single concern as he has been working vehemently to outwork any negotiation whatsoever. Will he be able to stun both departments?

Authority might have prepared a pair for Cicero as a number of Fahsasites planned to vote him based on his loss during the last election. Authority’s ‘pity votes’
might actually drive many into pitying Cicero this time around. Both candidates are strong and several influential comrades on campus have chosen sides irrespective of departmental affiliations, religion or personal relationship. Campaign posters, banners and handbills have decorated the school environs and various debates among students on who’s ruling FAHSA next have been the major concerns on campus. There is speculation that there are factions in English department. Some support Cicero while some support Authority.

A survey carried out by Olofofo Uniosun correspondents in Ikire Campus, shows an array of view and personal idiosyncrasies among Fahsasites across levels and departments.

“Personally, I don’t have anything against any of them but the post of a leader is for someone that can’t be controlled but has power to do whatever he and his other members thinks is right(one reason why am not voting for authority), there can’t be any progress like that….. I have also seen the two of them in front of crowd, as a leader if you can’t face we the people, who can you now face
Cicero is the right man” (Kemi, 400 level).

” Cicero is capable of handling a dignified post like this more than authority. I see Cicero as a visionary revolutionarist.
Always ready to serve
Always ready to risk.And besides he’s intellectually and morally sound” (Tomiwa).

“Authority is capable, he’s humble
Wait Cicero? He can’t be Faculty president oh, I don’t think he’s capable, can he even decide on his own…?” (Ope, 400 level).

“Both are on an equal equilibrium and both have crowds but one has sympathy while the other has experience” (Oluwatobi,300 level).

“No argument, Authority is the man. He is capable of becoming our president.” (Adebisi, 400 level).

“Authority is a good candidate
Cicero is a good candidate
The best candidate is to be decided by FAHSASITES” (Olawale,200 level)

Now the big question is ‘Will Authority be able to overturn his loss during the last election? Or will Cicero proves himself once again?

These big questions are crying for answers but the question would only be answered on Wednesday, 12th of February, 2020 when FAHSASITES go to poll to elect their new sets of leadership.

And to C. Bovee’s quotes, stated earlier, it is now the duty of FAHSASITES to choose the people who’ll ride them as horses carefully.

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