UNIOSUN Tribute Messages to Late Felicia Sayo




Sayo, it is still like a dream to me that u are alien to this world of ours.

I found it difficult to conclude that u ar *lifeless* . I could nt use *DEAD* bcoz I tot u wl still come back and we wl perfect our last discussion. I watched u been lowered to the earth and u couldn’t resist it. Haa! The memories are still fresh, my friend, sister, program planner etc. Your sudden departure sent a lesson to me that _we are pencil in the hand of the Creator__Adieu Sayo_

-Fabunmi Victor A.

I’m deeply shocked at the suddeness of your demise. Even though we are to meet up today but has death will have his will done, he suddenly take you away from us, you will forever be remembered. May your soul rest in perfect peace where there is no more sorrow, sickness nor woes!. *Adieu Felicia Oluwasayo*

-AJIBOLA Oluwafisayo

Felicia, when I heard about your death, I was sad and shocked. I could not make a report on that because I thought 

 you might wake up the following day or I would be told your death is a lie. It was hard to believe. We don’t have close relationship but I can’t forget your smile, greetings and devotion to God’s work in BSF. Continue to rest in peace.

O. Tayo

Now I believe you are no more because I never thought I will write this..it’s still disheartening
I didn’t just know you in passing, we were friends, we shared things together, we attended the same fellowship. You were selfless, accommodating and you were always ready to give.. It saddens and breaks my heart to know you will no longer continue to live with us…well I will never forget all the things and the time we shared together, i will surely miss You especially when you are suppose to be around and I will miss the way you call my name with that smile on your face….Rest on Sister/friend till we meet to part no more


Once again we are reminded of the frailties of the flesh,and humbly so as our dear Felicia bows to the cold hands of death. Beloved you left us without a farewell. You were peace loving, generous,cooperative and very dedicated. We love you but God loves you more.May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Till we meet to part no more.

Tomorrow is the day you will be laid to rest,
But you know what they say,
God only takes the best.
Everything happens for a reason,
Even if we may not agree.
Just promise to look after us,
And if you can,
Save a spot up there for me.
The thought of never seeing you again brings tears to my eyes,
And even more so,
Because all of this was such a surprise.
But we should never question what God has planned,
Sometimes it’s not meant for us to understand.
So as we mourn the loss of a beloved friend, caring sister,
We have to keep telling ourselves that we will meet again.
I pray May Almighty God forgive your shortcomings and grant you peaceful abode.


I couldn’t believe my eyes until they told me it’s true.
No long word, no epitaph.
But rest my dearest sister.
I miss you.

Your little brother, Peace Felix OluwaDamilare

I was deeply hurt to hear your sudden departure . It was like an Earthquake to me. But God knows everything , but the saddest Thing is am going to miss you greatly dearest sis. Sleep on in the Lord.

Farewell my friend, you’re leaving.
It’s time for you to go.
Your friendship was a blessing,
And I will miss you so.
We shared so many secrets.
You brightened up my days.
You brought me so much happiness
With your kind and loving ways.
You lifted up my spirits
When I was feeling blue.
No matter what was happening,
You knew just what to do.
We ran between the raindrops
And walked beneath the sun,
Ran barefoot in the summertime
And oh, we had such fun.
Through all the ups and downs of life
The good times and the sad.
From 100 level days to 400 level,
The best friend I ever had.
God is here to take you home.
Now you and I must part.
I love you, and forever
You will live within my heart. Adieu Alabi Felicia

Ogunmola Mutimoinat Olaide

Hmmmm…death why so quick ,why is it that you take away people that are so good away just like that …I could remember I told you that next time am seeing you is you coming for clearance ni oo,not knowing that that moment would be d last time I will ever talk to u and see you,When I heard about your sudden departure yesterday’s night,I swept all my eyes out but God knows the best ,I still don’t believe you are dead but yet live on like immortal …Sis Felicia rest in the bottom of the Lord Jesus Christ where we all meet and death will not do us apart again…I will really miss you Motunrayo Adegbola

Your death is one of the biggest blow on my face this year, when your memory flashed my thought on Saturday, I smile at how amazing you are and I thought I would see you soon nothing knowing that you are far gone, I would bring you back if I could but the Almighty who is greater than you and I has decided your fate. You impacted me even in death and your death has strengthen my love for God and humanity. Your death has thought me not to create short cut for no man knows the hour that death will beckon. If there is any service department in heaven, the sanctuary keepers of heaven will be blessed to have you, may your service to God speak for you before the Father. I love you so much. Adieu Felicia

Adewoyin Adeola Ifeoluwa

It’s is a painful thing you left so soon… I still sit and wonder why it has to be you. But what can i do, what can i say… He is God and he does things the way He wants…Goodnight Alabi Felicia your journey has ended,your struggles has ceased. Till we meet and depart no more in the mansions of the blessed. I will miss you


It saddens my heart when i heard your demise.
We only knew for 3 years but these years worth way lot more. I’m not good with words but trust me I love you so much and you Will continue to be in our hearts
Adieu Felicia.



Your death still looks like a dream to me and marvels me.. I’m not really close to you but your smile and kindness to everyone makes me adore you and this actually got me and this pained me to heart. It looks like last when you came wiht your sister to main campus.. smiling and telling me how service will be.. I still don’t believe you gone but you still live and live forever
FELICIA, rest in perfect peace till we meet again in bosom of Christ where there won’t be sorrow and saddness
Where everyone And everywhere is full of joy and happiness
I will miss you……


“Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same. ”  – Flavia Weednal
Am yet to accept that I lost a sister but I pray u rest in the bosom of Christ where eternal peace is. Your death has taught me to live each day as if it’s the last. I really miss you, Sis Feli. Till we meet again.

A great soul never dies but it brings us together again and again, Death leaves a heartache which is healed by no one; love leaves a memory which no one can steal. Continue to Rest in perfect peace my dear Felicia.

Dearest sister,
I love you but God loves you more…
Felicia Rest in Peace.


“True friends are the ones who never leave your heart, even if they leave your life for a while. Even after years apart, you pick up with them right where you left off, and even if they die they’re never dead in your heart”.
A death of a friend can feel like losing a limb. This is how it feeling losing a close friend, it can be so devastating. I will forever cherished the best moments we shared together, I still can’t believe that you’re no more  you had proven to be a good  friend and a sister  but your sudden departure is best known to God. God the  giver of life and one who takes away whenever HE feels.  He has taken you away to love you more I believe. I will forever love and pray for you. I will never forget your unquenchable thirst to put a smile on my face. I pray you rest in the bosom of Christ where eternal  peace is. Till we meet to part no more.

Continue to rest in the bosom of your creator, I love you but God loves you more
Adieu Felicia

Life goes on at it on pace but some memories can never be forgotten or erased from mind of the dearest ones.. You will always remains in our thoughts FELICIA.. Continue to Rest in d bosom of the Lord ….. We love but Jesus Love you more…

It is really painful and sadden to know that death took a beautiful soul away from us..You were such a great person ,can’t still believe death has taken you away from us….I pray you continue to rest in peace,till we part no more….

You among all will call me by my real name bamidele nd u away check up on me u smile nd laugh all make me happy it really painful to see u depart I will never forget the last word u told that I should make u proud in d school were I am, u are a friend sister nd adviser u such a great person am yet to accept the fact that u are gone but who am I to question God I love you but God love u more rest well my friend, sayo
Okunlola Boluwatife

A light from our household is gone, a voice we love is stilled. A place is vacant in our hearts that never can be filled. Sister Felicia Alabi, your role amongst us is Awesome and can never be forgotten. You showed us love in all areas, you were so committed and dedicated…. You always made sure we were on the right path and called us back to order…. We deeply love you…. Rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus..

Uniosun BSF Ushers

How I wish R.I.P means Return if possible. I didn’t get to know you very well but your smile and the way you do call my name goes a long way in my heart.
   I pray may the good lord forgive all your sins and may your soul rest in perfect peace.


I really didn’t get to know you as much to say we were friends but the little times we had some things to do together were good. It’s funny how I keep remembering those encounters now that you’re no more. You were very diligent, especially when it had things to do with the work of God, very devoted and I don’t know maybe you had your own other stuffs or side stuffs too but you served God and I hope God rewards you for that. I never saw you without a smile on your face and even picturing you in my mind now, all I can still see is your smiling face. You were very kind, at least to me you were and had a pure heart. I pray your soul continue to rest in perfect peace in Jesus name. We love you but God loves you more. Rest on Felicia



Death is inevitable but I still find it difficult to believe you departed us this time. The time we had together and all that were said still echo in my brain. Your calmness and humility cum smile can never be compare to anything. The few years of our friendship left a footprint and remains indelible. Till we meet to part no more. Rest in peace Felicia.

Akala Sunday Festus

She was a devoted being when it comes to God’s work,her nice nature,one of the nicest being in the department,her smile,so calm but jovial..She is a gem which will never be forgotten..Rest in peace sister,you lived well.. Gone but never forgotten

They say we live to die but your demise makes me ask if we die to live,  if death could be paid, we  gonna pay it double fold because you’re so dear to us, your good deeds towards the things of God cannot be overlooked. Our dear Felicia, Rest in peace. Till we meet to part no more.  You lived well
Aloso Tolulope

I’m immensely grief-stricken, words are worthless… May you find rest dear Sayo and may we all see you again.. Rest in peace.
Eniola Kolawole

I still don’t believe   you are dead Felicia….
its just ten days ago i saw you with smile on your face and you were  even teasing me….. And i was like Felicia, you haven’t change o  with this your jovial and school attitude…
Its like a dream…
I remember all the four years we spent together with all trails and stress of uniosun ….. So you gone just like that…
Since yesterday i heard about your death i haven’t being myself……
Am gonna miss you dear… I will forever remember all your memories….
Continue to rest in the bosom  of the Lord where there is not cry and pain……
Felicia,.may God’s perpetual light fall upon you and may He forgive all in shortcoming….
Sleep well dear…
From #Jutuns# as you do call me

It’s so painful when I had about your demise, you have been a great and fantastic friend to me but death has seperated us now, we love you but God love you most, goodnight ALABI FELICIA, rest n perfect peace
Kareem Sodeeq

Felicia! Your early departure without prior notice still comes to me as a shock 😱 I couldn’t believe the rumour until your lifeless body was confined and the trend of your obituary struck the heart of everyone 😭

Of a truth you’ve left an unforgettable memories in the heart of everyone that crossed your path, you’ve fought a good fight of faith and now at the feet of your creator…

*Indeed!…. You Came, You Saw, And Conquered* 😭😩😨
Rest in peace till we meet to path no more 🙏
ADEYEMI Oluwadamilare Z.

I’m so short of words Sayo. Your departure is still one great shock and a scar that will never fade. You were like a sister. Your smile and laughter alone can melt ones heart. The one most precious gift that you gave me which changed my life and orientation is your cousin. With this single act of yours,was more than a blessing. You will forever be in my heart and may all your good deeds never be forgotten. I love you so much Sayo. Rest on my friend in the bosom of our Lord till we meet again.
Ogunremi Elizabeth Omobolade

Hmmm.. With severe pains in my heart i’m writing this for you Felicia.. I never knew you’d leave too soon, i would have waited to make sure i made you up on your birthday, i would have told you i love you like i used to when we lived together the day before your departure and i would have spoken to your PP as much as you always give me your phone to speak to him.. Thank you for being you and making me know you more before your departure.. I really wish you’re alive to do all you wish to do for your siblings.. God, you really tried all you could to make sure you’re alive but this still had to happen… I love you Felicia but it’s obvious God loves you more.. Rest well my one and only Funfun
Solomon Janet

I’m so short of words Sayo. Your departure is still one great shock and a scar that will never fade. You were like a sister. Your smile and laughter alone can melt ones heart. The most precious gift uniosun gave me I’m so happy you were my adviser. No one will call me Bebe yoo again(o ma se ooo) With this single act of yours,was more than a blessing. You will forever be in my heart and may all your good deeds never be forgotten. I love you so much Oyinbo mi. Rest on my friend in the bosom of our Lord till we meet again.
Adegboye Oluwabukolami Iyanuoluwa

Tribute to Felicia

“The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living”. Honestly, writing this is very hard for me, as the grieve of losing a bosom friend and great soul confines me to a dearth of words. It was so sad to hear about your death at this time of the day. Two months ago, we were basking in the euphoria of accomplishments of our four years academic programme. We departed, full of hope and enthusiasm, believing that the adventures ahead is fecund with promises. Unfortunately, rather than celebrating you in a big way as dictated by my confidence in you, I only have the grieve of your departure to deal with. Nothing could be more heartbreaking! You’ve always been that very good friend to everyone around you. your desire to make people happy is something to reckon with. But to witness your death at this very tender age when our journey just started is so sad.

Well, all I know is death is inevitable. We owe death a debt which we must pay, but we never pray for death at this very age. You’ve paid yours at an inconvenient time. A time when the hope of your parents is very high, when friends and family look up to you. When the seed sowers in your life are preparing to reap that which the have sowed all along. Alas! All hopes vanished in the cold hand of death.

I want you to know that your memories will live on in us. We will never forget your strength and tenacity of purpose. We will never forget you valorous spirit. We will never forget you wealth of character. We will never forget your humility and dignity. We will never forget your unquenchable thirst to put smiles on grieving faces. We Pray God help your parent to bare the loss and pray God be with them. Live on Felicia



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