UNIOSUN IMTC Announces Date for the Closure of Portal

The IMTC unit of Osun State University has released the date for the closure of portal in a notice received by Olofofo Uniosun. Read below :


This is to inform all students that the portal will be closed finally for the 2018 /2019 Rain semester, midnight Sunday 25th August, 2019.

All students are hereby advised to complete all pending payments on the portal as well as their course registration accordingly before the final portal closure. Remember, your semester registration is not complete without course registration!

Please note;
*No student will be admitted into the examination hall without a valid Examination Clearance* that will be made available to all Departments on or before 26th August, 2019. *No student will be admitted into the Examination Hall with any payment evidence*. NO EXAMINATION CLEARANCE, NO EXAMINATION!

Students are advised to register for the courses they wish to sit for as contained in their respective curricula. All students on Industrial Attachment (SIWES) should also ensure they complete the IT Course Registration on the portal. There will be customised Examination Attendance Sheets and any student whose name is missing from the attendance sheet of a course is not expected to sit for the examination of that course.

Note also that it is important for students to sit for the exams of courses they have registered for as they may be penalised if otherwise. The grace period for Add and Delete has also been extended till *4pm on Friday, March 23, 2019*. All genuine Add and Delete requests must be duly endorsed by the HOD before submitting same at the IMTC Directorate. *No modification requests will be entertained after this date and time please*.

Any student with IMTC related issue that is preventing them from registering on the portal must fix it ASAP. You can contact the IMTC representative on each campus for necessary assistance or send an email to *portal.support@uniosun.edu.ng*.

*Over and Under Units Registration Requests*
Students who have applied for either over or under units and still awaiting approval should contact their respective faculties to track their requests. Students with over units request should go to the portal and finalize their course registration with the maximum 24 units. The additional units will only be added automatically after the approval of the request.

Similarly for students with under units requests, they should go to the portal and finalize their course registration with a minimum of 15 units. They are free to add courses that have been passed previously to make up for the under units. All excess courses will be automatically removed once the under units request is approved.

*Leave of Absence*
Students with any pending LOA requests should contact their Faculty Officer and/or College Secretary to track their requests. A pending LOA request will not be an excuse to sit for this semester examinations without complete payment and course registration.

Ag. Director, IMTC

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