10 Examination Offences that Can Terminate Studentship

Olofofo Uniosun has gathered a list of ten (10) examination offences that students commit. Below are the offences and the punishments:

1. Refusal to submit oneself for search by an invigilator (Rustication for 2 semesters and counseling).

2. Unauthorized possession of blank University examination answer sheets (Rustication for 2 semesters and counseling).

3. Failure to submit answer script to the invigilator after an examination (Rustication for 2 semesters and counseling for first time. Expulsion for the second time).

4. Communication involving passing of answer scripts or other accessories to aid performance in examination (Rustication for 2 semesters for first offender. Expulsion if caught for the second time).

5. Mutilation or removal of any answer script or paper supplied (Rustication for 2 semesters plus counseling).

6. Threat to invigilator (Expulsion from the University).

7. Use of cell phones in the examination hall (Expulsion from the University).

8. Impersonation during an examination (Expulsion from the University).

9. Possession of live question paper etc before an examination is held (Expulsion from the University).

10. Smuggling of prepared answer script into examination hall or submission of same false pretense that they were prepared in the examination hall (Expulsion from the University).

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