Exclusive Interview with Dr Adeleke; a UNIOSUN Lecturer

Olofofo Uniosun correspondents; Olafimihan Sheriffdeen, Adebayo Faridat and Oyegoke Uthman interviewed Dr Adeleke; a lecturer in the department of History,  Osun State University.

Kindly introduce yourself sir

I am Dr Adewole Adeleke.


Can you share with us your educational background?

I had my elementary and secondary education in Ile-Ife and my university education for my Bachelor of Arts in History at University of Lagos. I did my masters in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Lagos and I had my Ph.D at the NorthWest University in South Africa. I had my Ph.D in International Relations.

What are you passionate about?

Well,I’m passionate about helping people especially the underprivileged so I don’t love people to suffer and I don’t want people to be deprived of their rights and to be deprived of the essential things they need so I try my best to the best of my ability to help people.

How did you start your lecturing career?

I didn’t start my lecturing career at the University but I started in a school that was preparing students for Advanced Diploma in International and A level Cambridge and that’s at the IV College on Allen Avenue in Ikeja, Lagos. So I would say I started my lecturing career there because it’s just like a University. When Osun State University started in 2007, I applied and was given a job as a lecturer at the department of History and International Studies.

We all know that students can be so frustrating at times, how have you been able to cope with them?

Well, because of the fact that I was once a student, I know how to cope with students’ stubbornness. Students being what they are, they are still struggling with youthful exuberance and since I have also passed through that stage in life, I know what students want, when they are tired, when they are ready to work and I know how to implore them even when they are tired and I know how to make them to be interested in my courses.

What has been your greatest challenge in lecturing field?

Well, what would I say is my challenge in the field of lecturing is about the welfare of lecturers in this part of the world, so I’m not always happy when I compare ourselves here to our colleagues outside the country. Lecturers in Nigeria are not being encouraged, they are not being renumerated enough. That is one of those things that has been my greatest challenge in this field.

Can we know your greatest achievement in your lecturing field?

I just want to thank God for that, when I see students that passed through me succeeding in life, that’s a very big achievement for me and I’ve seen so many of them. I’ve seen them doing well in bank, industries, even in lecturing, in administration and in all fields of their choice. So, I’m so happy about this, I have met a couple of them and I discovered they are doing well.

Any advice for students who have lecturing career in mind in the nearest future?

Yeah, lecturing is a worldwide job and I would say it’s a job of the future. It is a very good job, it allows you to do some other things at the same time, we can not compare it with working in the bank for example. Lecturing and research is very good and I want to encourage students who want to go into the field of lecturing to do so.They will be fulfilled; a lecturer may not be a multimillionaire like people in business, people who are contractors and all that but a lecturer is satisfied, it is a job that I will encourage many of my students to go into.

What do you think about Uniosun?

Osun State University is one of the best in this part of the world; there are many standards you can use in measuring this. When Osun State University started, they have got to know its name and of course know about it all over Nigeria; it was so popular then. It started on a very solid foundation and the kind of lecturers, even administrators recruited are first class administrators and lecturers. We have some of the best Professors and some of the best lecturers in Osun State University. And if you look at the performance of our students outside, take for example; the law programme in Osun State University is one of the best and so we have recorded many first class in law school which is very good compared to the first generation Universities.

What advice can you give the management of Osun State University?

It’s not only the management of the school but even the Government that is the owner of the school has a lot to do in order to improve and to make it more attractive.The Government has tried in infrastructural development of this school, if you go to all the campuses, you’ll know that the Government has tried a lot and I used to argue with my friends in federal Universities that supposing Osun State University is only on one campus with all those buildings in other campuses put together, hardly can a federal University beats it in infrastructure. Even, each of the campuses can beat many universities in Nigeria. But there are some things the government can do, if the government can look at the school fee, they can do something about the school fee because many people are complaining that the fee is too high. If the government can do something about it maybe reducing it a little, at the same time, the management will do something because reducing the school fee will also affect the IGR but there are so many things the management can do to improve the Internally Generated Revenue. We have the College of Agriculture,the school can go into a large scale Agriculture and so many other things.

Sir, the department of history is producing first class student for the first time,what do you feel about that?

Yeah, you know I’m the happiest person because some people used to think that it is not easy to have First Class in Humanities but it has been proved wrong. Like you get First Class in other disciplines, you can get First Class also in the Humanities in courses like History, English language, Literature in English and so on.

What do you have to say about Uniosun students practicing couple’s life in school?

That’s bad, it is too bad. I would look at that through the eye of my faith; the Bible is against it because of the fact that parents of those students practicing what you called Couple’s life, there is none of the parents that would support that. I believe that none of the parents would know about it so you can put yourself in the shoes of the parents for example whose daughter or son is living a couple’s life. How would you feel? And that’s how God feels, if you’re legally married according to the Bible,the Bible says : “Bed undefiled” but they are defiling the bed already. It’s against the scripture and I know it’s against Quranic injunctions too. And I’ve discovered that several if these students who lived like that never got married in life and it has affected the ladies more than the men. I know some of my students who have lived that way and just a few of them eventually got married and several others did not get married to one another.

What’s your advice for Uniosun students in the aspect of Academics?

People would call me bookworm.You see, to be successful as a student, you need to study very well, there is a Latin adage which says ‘we study not for school only but we study for life’ so many students believe they have come to study for certificates but certificate is not it. It is what experience you’ve gotten while you’re studying in school that matters in life. So we’ve gotten some who came out with first class and are unable to utilise the first class and there are some who came out with Third class and they’ve made it in life. Essentially, to be successful as a student,you must know what you’re doing. I don’t say you should not socialise but at the same time while you socialise, be sure of what you’re doing. Some students believe they have come here to chase girls around, go to parties because of the fact that they’ve come out of their parents for the first time, so they believe they can manage their lives but it’s not. So, I would advise such students to be more serious at their studies because there are many students that are spending 9 to 10 years for a 4-year course so they’ve missed it in the past and that’s why they are wasting so much time studying a degree of 4 years for about nine ten years.

What do you think about Olofofo Uniosun media?

Well, when my wife saw this Olofofo Uniosun when I was browsing, she was amused and I said that’s a good name for it because we believe that Olofofo knows the secret of everybody and I believe that Olofofo Uniosun doesn’t know the secret of everybody to make fun of them but to educate others. It’s a very good name for that tabloid and my wish is that it’ll become a world known tabloid like we have in some universities across the globe so it’s a very good one.

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