CEO Exclusive World Entertainment Makes Shocking Revelation On Coming Show

Olofofo Uniosun correspondent; Olamitide reached out to the CEO of Exclusive World Entertainment.
Read interview below:

Can we meet you please

My name is Olayinka Oluwafemi, a.k.a Exclusive FM.

Okay so are you the CEO of Exclusive entertainment?

Well, not really. I’m just a major stakeholder. Every member of the team is the CEO/stakeholder of Exclusive World Entertainment.

Oh Hmmmn. But we can say you’re the main brain behind it?

Yes if you say so. But the main brain is connected to lot of brains.

So when did you start?

We started in July, 2017. That’s about 2 years ago.

How many programs have you organized so far?

Officially one, Break in 2018 concert.

So about this coming concert, what inspired you to do a fashion show?

Well, its not just a fashion show alone. It’s a music and fashion show. A combination of two major aspect of life that cannot be neglected in terms of man’s need.
Meanwhile, the brand majorly consists of music and fashion expertise so we thought of something to bring out the full brand concept.

What do you mean by man’s needs?

Man can’t do without being aware of fashion and music. So we are promoting these two major things with the event.

If I’m right
Break in concert was held at Ikire. This one too at Ikire. Is this a deliberate decision and why not consider other campus as venue?

In life…in order to launch out, you start among your family and peers.
By the time you are on top of the world, you don’t need to say a word again. They will…

What should people expect from this show?

We did not let people down last year. This show is going to be bigger and full of classic displays and fun.

Is it going to be an annual program?


Last year was break in.
This year fashion and music show, Will you keep changing it?

Break in 2018 was used to launch the brand back then and see how far we can improve.This particular concept won’t change but there will also be other spice up events…But the music and is official.

Music and Fashion have come to stay?

Yes it has.

Do you have any other thing to say about the program?

The tickets are out already. Meanwhile, fashion entrepreneurs who are willing to showcase their styles and outfit can also get to us also through our contact details.

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