Meet UNIOSUN Student Who Bends and Twists Himself Anyhow

Written by Olusoga Olamitide 

Olofofo Uniosun reached a UNIOSUN student who has a special skill of bending himself. Read an exclusive interview our reporter had with him.

Can you tell us about yourself?

I am Olupitan Anjolaoluwa Isreal, a Nigerian pro contortionist with the stage name “Wave”, I entertain and amaze my audience with the breath-taking art of twisting and bending my body in ways that the mind can’t easily phantom. I am a student of UNIOSUN studying Pure and Applied Chemistry.

So how did you get the name “Wave”?

The name was inspired by the strong movement of water, when you see the water, they are unstoppable and flow in a beautiful way that pleases the sight, over the years, I have mastered the art of infusing my contorting skills into dance and synchronising both to flow like water to the rhythm of ear pleasing music with the aim of pleasing the sight of my audience

Okay, so can we call this a talent or a skill?
It is a talent but it can be called a skill because I worked hard for it and I still do everyday, cos to become extraordinary I have to stretch and work out more than the ordinary. I have been dancing from a very young age tho and have known I am flexible,but I got my interest in the art contortion from a mentor and brother I saw on TV; Nigerians Got Talent (NGT) in person of DFLEX (the first contortionist in Nigeria) before we met in person and he became family. I’ve been working hard on myself since then and I’ve loved what I do and its been awesome all the way.

So not like you have a tutor or you attended a dance school or something?

I watch inspiring videos from my contorting friends outside the country and Dflex has really helped with his experience and advice has really made a huge impact.

How do your parents react when your bend your body?

Lol yeah, my parents are supportive in things I do as long as it doesn’t affect my education,but my mum can be scared at times, saying things like: “Son, please be careful oo because I want to see my grandchildren o, with this bending ” but they’ve been a blessing for me.
Why did you choose Uniosun?
Uniosun is a good school and I heard of its academic excellence and it has beautiful people in it with top class lecturers.

Any challenges so far with bending?

Challenges… Mainly is appreciating this art in Nigeria, its a very rare art in Nigeria but people here don’t really know its worth, for example an average contortionist abroad collects nothing less than 500$-600$ and I am not exaggerating, the highest collects 700$-1000$. If we calculate that, it ranges from 200k to 360k converted to Nigeria currency but here, we don’t appreciate a lot of skills and it really kills some young people who love what they do, how many people do you explain to that you rehearse 3 hours a day or the things you face while stretching? but people don’t see the work behind it and just feel we got to the results on a platter of gold.

What’s your best experience so far?

Well, my first performance on stage with DFLEX in the 3 thousand capacity hall of U.I and my first documentary shot by the AMVCA nominee Aderemi Davies “AANJOLA solitary walker” which made me your around the big city of Ibadan are great experiences to me.

Are there certain things you do because you don’t want to add weight such as food?

Well, eating healthy is good especially taking enough fruit and water and aside the fact that I eat light food before performing or don’t eat at all if doing the “nauli kriya” (a yoga Sanskrit”…. I eat well when I want to, for the record, my best food is Amala and ewedu.

If you’re not rehearsing or bending, what else can we find you doing?

Studying,listening to music because I love my privacy and I love swimming but unfortunately there is no pool in school.

What’s your vision?

I am a man of vision, I see myself in few years as business tycoon and investor,a motivator and mentor to young ones coming up and want to follow their dreams but one thing or the other holds them back, I will have a dance school and a foundation to help the needy.

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