“Why We Won’t Stop Catching Freshers Young”- Osogbo Campus Students Confess

Olofofo Uniosun Vox Pop reached out to some students of Osun State University in Osogbo campus to sample their opinions on the reasons behind the rampant Catch Them Young in the institution. While some see it as a good thing, others see it as a bad thing. They have revealed to us some reasons the trend won’t stop

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Catch them young is one of the most common trends used by students in getting into relationship with one another in Tertiary institution. Most college relationship either for true love or lust start with the catch them young style which means its outcome varied.  The basic philosophy behind the catch them young trend goes thus; the new students are unexposed to the negative stuff in the environment and most likely not yet in casual relationship meaning majority are still single. So the staylites believe that; it will be an advantage in getting in relationship with the fresher and being one to guide in getting them acclimate to the school environment. On the other hand, the freshers  mostly believe that for them to have good understanding of the environment they are in and not to fall in bad hands, they need someone with experience that can guide and protect them.

Adesina Kausar 400level, Physiology, Osogbo Campus

Hmm.. Because They Caught Us Young Too

Wittyblaze, 300level Mathematics

If we guys go for our mates, they won’t accept.. Back then when I was in 100level,  I tried to woo a girl she said we’re mate but when you go for freshers and young ones they’re are still new and they haven’t be doing some immoral things(she might be bad from home but doesn’t matter in this case) she will respect you. And anyone wants serious relationship when an engineering student is in 200level,  he will want to date a girl that will spend 4 years in school to graduate together, another importance is that you will blend her to your taste since she’s new. There’s is a lot of benefits there than dating your mate. They fall for it because you’re ahead of them in  experience, year etc. All ladies definitely love to date someone above them

Soladoye UmarFarook  Olamide, Electrical Electronics Engineering Department

Staylites do catch them young for freshers due to : 1. Lust  2. They think freshers are best choice because some are not matured thinking they can easily format their brain.

Owosho Deborah,  400level Chemistry.

To me, I think freshers do fall for it because some student get admission at a very young age, this priviledge might make them make up their mind that they also want to belong which makes them fall for any Stylite that comes to them. Freshers might fall because of assistance they need ; thinking some Staylites want to assist them not knowing they are pretending.

Arowolo Abolade A.K.A Mhiz Bhee 400level Physiology

The reason why staylites  date the freshers is because they are naive and don’t know about anything yet so the staylite use that to their own advantage and also maybe because they are fresh blood thats why they go after them. Staylites consider freshers to the hot cake and they are very easy to lure..

Anonymous,  Public health Osogbo  Campus.

Uhmm… Most freshers are still innocent when they just resumed. So the staylites use their innocence to their advantage before the freshers become “jagaban” like the stalites.

Bukunmi Adeniji, 300l Agricultural Engineering

Well, Catch them young is good. Some staylites would not allow the freshers to fall into the wrong hands, so freshers fall for it because they believe  staylites already had experience

Jenifer, 400level Physiology.

You’ll hardly find a single staylite.

Omobolaji 300 level Electrical Electronics.

Staylites have tricks to catch the freshers because they know that the Freshers are not intelligent enough, so they can easily used and dumped.

Odesanmi Taiwo, 400 level Physiology.

 It actually a bad idea for the freshers falling.  But I can’t blame them too much though… They are in a new world and they want to feel among, so they jump into things without thorough reasoning. Moreover,  they don’t know anything about the new environment so they only believe what staylites tell them at the moment . The staylites are not to be blamed much, they just lack the fear of God and maturity at times

Akintaro Akintobi 400level Physiology.

Some freshers will fall for it because they are easily deceived because of the things of the world like money, shoes ,bag and cars

Odesanmi Kehinde 400level Physiology

I feel catching them young is actually what guys feel is the best because,  we believe these young ones are still small, naive and less stressful…they are less-exposed to the university system so most guys have two (2) mindsets of catching them to destroy their lives early or they believe it’s easier to groom these younger ones to the kind of woman they want in the future

Bello precious  400level Urban and Regional Planning

They use their innocence to catch them young. Because they also believe they are more experienced

Akinwoye funke 300level  Physiology

Staylites do prefer the freshers because they think the freshers are new and they know their blood are still fresh in the aspect of beauty because they haven’t gone through any stress and they knew most of them will still be single

Oluwadammcy, 300level  Computer Science

Catch them young is good and a very nice idea of culturing new intakes, reason being that there are enough fellowships and Islamic sects around to make sure those guys don’t fall into bad hands… Tutorial are introduced to them and it  gives them better impressions…

Olotu Peter akintomide 400 level Anatomy, Osogbo campus

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  • January 18, 2019 at 10:41 pm

    Though you don’t expect a girl in the same level with a guy to date each other, as things is going on now, it’s very rear for you to see couples in the same level, so wise staylites will prefer fresher than staylites…they believe staylites are already wise up, so it will take like months for fresher to be blend…

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