Justice Oloyede Picked As Running Mate To Alh. Fatai Akinbade, Former SSG Osun State


Justice Olamide Oloyede has been nominated to be the Deputy Governor of Osun State; a running mate of Alhaji Fatai Akinbade of African Democratic Congress (ADC) for the 22nd Osun State gubernatorial election;

Speaking with Olofofo Uniosun crew at her residence in Osogbo the state capital, shortly after her nomination, Oloyede expressed her overwhelming concern for education in Osun State. While quoting Section 18 of the amended 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Justice made it known that free education is compulsory and as well one of  many  essential obligations of government to the people. She asserted that one of the mass opportunities is education which every citizen of Nigeria must get.

Oloyede declared her readiness to create a conducive environment for education at the elementary, secondary and tertiary levels. She added that one of the policies of her party; African Democratic Congress (ADC) includes making education compulsory and free in a conducive environment.  She said that most advanced countries are found in the Norwegian region due to their educational system and Nigeria needs to imitate them academically since they have the best educational system.

The Ilesa-born Justice further described her three main visions which include education, welfare and egalitarianism.

“My vision is to work through a flourishing land wherein the welfare of the people, first and the least is important and where nobody is left out of the developmental policies of the state. We are concerned with the betterment of our people especially in all Osun state schools rather than believing in unachievable policies. It is not because of money we want to govern. Our aim is to ensure that we supplement the little we have in all schools in Osun state and we promise that if the mantle is given to us”

“Those who swear to constitution do not know its content. I have spent over 10 years sleeping and waking up with my constitution. I know what the constitution requires me to do and I am ready to discharge my duty. God created women to assist men in this life. Men need women to achieve his objectives and to make life worth a paradise which is why I am ready to assist my principal; Alhaji Fatai Akingbade”

While responding to one of the questions raised by Olofofo Uniosun Correspondent over her plan for students of Osun State University basically on school fees hike, Oloyede however revealed that one of her roles is advisory but she will make sure there is an affordable fee for the students, not only the state university but for all tertiary institutions in Osun State.

Also present at the press briefing with Olofofo Uniosun metro was the State Chairman of African Democratic  Congress (ADC); Mr Adelakin Ajao. The chairman declared the readiness of his party to liberate Osun State while lamenting over poor performances of Osun Students in the West African Examination Council (WAEC). He further apprised Osun People to get their voters’ card which is their right.


It should be recalled that Justice Oloyede recently led hundreds of pensioners to fight for unpaid dues. Punch newspaper reported that she said that the primary duty of any responsible government were welfare of the citizens and their security.

“Labourers deserve their wages and it is convetous to spend what belongs to other people. It is a crime to spend pensions and gratuities of the people and deny them their wages”- Punch captures her in a comment


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  • August 13, 2018 at 6:49 am

    This are the type of people that deserve power. I respect the courage and compassion of Justice Oloyede. She deserves power, I am happy she volunteered to help the people of the state of Osun. The only woman that challenged the undemocratic attitude of the present government. I respect her. My people let us support her.

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