Armed Robbers Matchete Guard, Rob Uniosun Students

A group of armed robbers attacked students of Osun State University in Ikire campus. It is a black Saturday in Ikire when the Armed men bulged into three hostels in different streets of Ikire. The hostels are Civilian Barrack, Hollywood and an unnamed hostel adjacent to Hangover hostel.

Civilian Barrack Hostel

The robbery was staged on July 7, 2018 and started around 2a.m. Olofofo Uniosun metro went to the scenes to gather information about the sad incidents.

While Olofofo Uniosun was speaking with one of the victims in Civilian Barrack Hostel, she told our correspondent that the Armed robbers entered around 2a.m with guns and cutlases.

“They opened our burglary like a door. They beat Alfa and matcheted the security guard of our hostel. It was a great shock for us. They robbed over four rooms in our hostel and they carted away phones, laptops and money”; she lamented.

Civilian Barrack

It was gathered that the security guard in Civilian Barracks who is nicknamed Baba CB had a rough encounter with the robbers. Baba CB was beaten and matcheted with Cutlass. His head was cut with cutlass. Olofofo Uniosun is unable to reach the man because of his critical condition in the hospital that remains unrevealed to public.

Another male victim who claims anonymous narrated his ordeal with the robbers. He said that he came outside and shockingly met the robbers. He said he cooperated with them and they locked him inside the gateman room which was firstly robbed. Students who stay in the same street said they were startled when they heard the sounds of gun that sounded like bomb.

Following this robbery, Olofofo Uniosun went to the second scene which is Hollywood hostel. The Armed robbers removed the buglary with big block. They shot the hostel GYM instructor on his leg. The gym instructor whom they said is not a student of UNIOSUN, survived the attack and currently undergoing treatments.

Hollywood Hostel

“I was in the toilet when I heard someone banging my door around 3a.m. They broke my buglary and entered to open the door for other armed robbers. One of the robbers entered the toilet and collected my phone. He requested for my password. They carted away our phones and laptops. But we thank God our life is intact.” – Oyin’s friend narrated.

Hollywood hostel

A 200level student identified as Sola showed Olofofo Uniosun the marks of the cutlass on his stomach. He said he left a concert around 3a.m and he got to his hostel at Mateba area. He was in the room when the robbers entered and started smashing him with cutlass but graciously and suprisingly to him, the cutlass did not enter him but rather left him marks.


“They collected my three smartphones and went away with a fifteen thousand naira that I withdrew yesterday. ” – Sola added.

Hostel at Mateba area

The atmospheric situation in Ikire at the present moment has therefore become tensed as students keep lamenting over the robbery issues.

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