Pretty UNIOSUN Lady Talks About Smoking


Bukola Noah today joined our campaign.
This is what she wrote:

Today I feel so glad about the decision made by Olofofo Uniosun in making a Campaign about”SMOKING”.. This act has been a disturbance to my thoughts lately most especially when I see young youths involved in this act and thanks for this great opportunity to address the youths about the risk they engage themselves in all in the name of “I think different and sharp when am on drugs ” Do you know this sharpness has shortened the life span of thousands of youths today? The answer is yes even though majority of them are not in the Psychiatrist home today, but majority of them are living in the abstract world of the street, nobody to help them.

From my research of recent times, I have been able to realise that majority of these acts are caused by peer influence,low self esteem, lack of proper enlightenment from home before the youths get to the stage of Adult where their thoughts cannot be controlled again, but let’s remember that every youth is created and born with a sharp IQ,but majority have not been able to realise this because they never took their time to discover who they are and the better things life has to offer…

Today I beseech you all,please stop living on Drugs.. It would be a Shame to me and my profession if I keep quite to this act (Smoking) that has gone so rampant amongst Nigerian youths.
To the ladies out there who encourage their boyfriends in this act, I wonder what kind of children you will raise in the future.

If you can’t work your man against an Unhealthy habit just know you will suffer for his Unhealthy crisis when the time comes in the future..
Remember majority of the men out there never want a woman that would live a kind of lifestyle they live because majority of these guys have a great desire for the future but you will not know.

Ladies, why can’t we rise up to this and be an agent of Change to the youths who engage in this act….
I pray may God help us all…

Forward this till it goes round you might save a soul with this…..

My name is Noah Olubukola Florence.
Student of Osun state University ,from the department of guidance and counseling education ,final year student,being part of the first set of this great institution it is my joy to be part of the agent of Change in our society,with the support of my Dad who is a social worker in the Federal Neuro Psychiatrist hospital Yaba. I have been able to have a better understanding of those areas that needs to be placed emphasis on in the society most especially our dear country Nigeria. I love my career because it gives me asses to the world and help to the less privilege.

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