CONGRESS: Student Leaders Kick Against Another Health Insurance Scheme


Reactivation of student unionism and the tackling of another health insurance scheme proposed by the management of Osun state university, were the main issues discussed at the joint campus congress held at the school main campus, Osogbo, this afternoon.

The three campuses Ikire, Osogbo and Ifetedo which were in attendance, have concluded on behalf of other three campuses in absentia and the entire students to tackle the newly proposed policy of the management concerning the implementation of another health insurance scheme aside the recently included T.ship. The newly proposed scheme was said to be coming from one of two organizations as explained by distinguished comrades present at a meeting held with the Dean of student affair, Dr(mrs). Adigun, in Osogbo last week Wednesday.

They explained that according to the DSA, the first health insurance organization proposes a fee of #1,000 to individual student with a benefit of #25,000 as compensation for any unforeseen major health calamities such as accident, etc to the affected student whereas the second organization proposes a payment of #2,500 with #50,000 compensation to the family of any affected student. The congressmen have however decided to curb the implementation of the newly proposed health insurance scheme raised by the management claiming that it is just a means of exploiting the students. They said since the payment for the health insurance scheme will be added to the tuition fee, it is just a stylish way of increasing the school fee.

Meanwhile, congressmen are ready to restructure students unionism which was claimed to have been rendered useless by the management. They said that the Vice Chancellor, Professor Labode Popoola, has successfully succeeded in killing the spirit of unionism among the students.

The entire congressmen have therefore mandated each faculty president to hold a congress on or before Friday at their various campuses with the motive of sensitizing the students towards the latest policy of the management. Faculty presidents are eventually required to fashion out reports from their various congresses and submit the copy to the appropriate body.

Also, as a means of showing sympathy, concern and sense of responsibility towards the hospitality of Okuku campus students, comrades from Ikire, Ifetedo and Osogbo who were present at the joint congress have decided to embark on solidarity greeting and a meeting with students from Okuku campus. The meeting is intended to be a resolution between students from other campuses, Okuku campus students and the management concerning the thirteen students who were suspended indefinitely at Okuku campus for staging a protest during the last examination.

Students have however reached the conclusion of sending an official letter down to the office of the vice chancellor on Monday requesting for a smooth dialogue with the vice chancellor in person.

Olasupo Ayoola Reporting for Heartbeat Press

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