Meet Olaoti; Our Young Advocate Of The Month

Kindly introduce yourself sir.

I am Olaoti Ajala, a student of law in Osun State University.

We learnt that you were in 200level history department in Uniosun before you went to faculty of law. How true is that sir?

Very true. I was a 200l student of history and international studies before I decided to put in for another utme and gracefully was admitted to study law in the same prestigious Osun State University, Ifetedo campus. However, I felt very happy and fulfilled but reluctant to leave my earlier course of study and faculty because of the interest and the love of students of where I was then serving as a honourable in the parliament, who also wanted me as the next president even when I seemed not to be interested in becoming the president because my watchword has always been that: I do not need to carry a title to serve humanity but in all of these, a call of destiny changed my root of destiny which I had to leave ikire campus on the 17th of January 2016 in an open congress where my heart filled with tears, it was a remarkable day.

Why did you choose to study law?

Its a long time dream since I finished my secondary school in 2008, I have always seen such profession as a tool and an avenue to serve humanity better than any other profession we could talk of. Law profession is the only profession that gives us access to know one or two things about all other field of study in life. However, law as a profession can also serve as a tool of professional criminalization depending on how one intends to use it in view, my watch word has always been “humanitarian service’ at all cost even when it means giving my life which has been demonstrated as a student leader in ikire campus.

Sir, What motivated you to be a young advocate?

I am not an advocate of doom but I must say that in a society where common men cannot afford to eat and (I mean good food) then it is bind that in such society, criminal rate must be at its peak. Nigeria as a country so blessed that even the unborn child should be reported healthy before even given birth to but reverse is the case. Such premised my decision to advocate for the rights of people basically Nigerian youths. My advocacy cuts across leadership, environmental and social.

What’s your comment on the rampant cyber fraud and other vices?

In view of this cyber crime, kidnapping, ritual killing, rapping, stealing, money laundry and all other atrocities that I may forget to mention will continue until we see the natural and national resources been distributed equally and by equity. Notwithstanding to all beings outside, my advice is that a good name is better than silver and gold.

In what ways have you advocated for students’ rights?

To mention but a few, I have been able to represent my faculty cum my department in several conferences, seminars as well as holding meetings with school authority, in most time to reverse school management decisions and to fight for students rights without fear or favour.

What’s your advice for our readers?

My advice for every human being is that we have a pen in our hand as provided by destiny to keep writing the history of our life and it shall one day be paid back to us as we have chosen to write, so let’s be careful of what we are writing cause that is our future and that’s our end.

Facebook ID: Godsbeauty Olaoti

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